Where Practice makes Presence 

So often we walk through life suffering for one reason or another, when the only thing between us and the peace we seek is 'Practice'. When we find tools that help us stay present, we've found a 'Practice'. Whether it's a spiritual, physical, mental or emotional exercise, when we add awareness, and commit to repetition, our natural state moves towards clarity, inner peace, and emotional self-mastery.

Practice with a group or privately

Join Veronica for an afternoon where she'll share some of her favorite tools, and help you identify some of your own. 

* Increase your awareness of the power you have to choose how to respond to life’s challenges.

Use journaling and other exercises designed to help you identify past and present blocks to your experience of peace and begin the process of releasing them

* Reclaim the power you gave to people in the past who continue to challenge your heartstrings.

* Change your focus from what is to ‘what is’ to ‘what is possible’.

* Discover your personal practice.

* Learn a few simple tools that you can use from moment to moment and bring your practice into your day to day experiences.