On this site

I am passionate about creating tools that help people focus on the possibilities in spite of the problems, and I believe that using whatever tools we can access in the moment of challenge, can mean the difference between suffering and thriving, between resisting and shifting. 

Throughout this site you will learn about the some of the tools I have created, and find links to other processes and tools to help you move towards emotional mastery and further prepare for the shift we are without a doubt participating in.

From the time I understood the power of words, thoughts and feelings to create my reality,  I have faithfully practiced the art of reframing and redefining in my own life. I've been told that my ability to help others jump tracks by listening to the messages life continuously sends, reminds us to keep shifting towards sustainable clarity and inner peace.

As a certified Emotional Clearing (EC) Therapist, (a groundbreaking east/west approach for releasing negative feelings and awakening unconditional happiness Veronica has dedicated her life to the pursuit of maximizing human potential, beginning with her own.

She is one of those rare individuals with an insight for problem solving, and a laser like ability to identify the crux of an issue and offer the perfect simple solution.  When necessary she gives compassionate, yet tough-minded counsel.

The ability to turn limitation into possibility is a powerful one.  It's a tool that can mean the difference between reaction and resolution change and no change, failure and success.