"Young Living Oils" mixed with carrier oils.

Oil & Water

Inspired care 4 locs

By appointment only

Veronica Ciandre

Hairstylist & Loctician

416 839-7544




Loc Twist ~ Gathered from the roots and palm rolled with care using base oil mixed with your choice of ‘Young Living Oils’ aromatherapy blends. e.g. Forgiveness, Hope, Release. Present Time, Inner Child, and more.


Loc Start ~ Begin your journey with care and precision.

$175.00 & up 

Twist & Shift ~ 4 Appointments booked in advance, combined with a 4 step process to detox the mind and shift problems into possibilities.  

$125.00 x 4 

Tea ~ Choose from an assortment of organic medicinal and herbal teas. Complimentary

Talk ~ Connect, share, inspire, 

Listen ~ Choose in advance from a list of inspired teachers. Listen, learn, and be inspired.

Read ~ Whatever you bring or choose.

Silence ~ If you choose, with or without the sound of music.

Breathe ~ Deeply.

Veronica is an award winning hairstylist who has been wearing, 

twisting and starting locs for over 20 years. She’s also a certified I.P. Therapist sharing tools to help you shift with intention and clarity.

It’s always more than a hair appointment.

Give yourself the gift of stillness... in Veronica’s chair.