P  O  R  T  A  L

"A shift is happening... consciously or unconsciously,we are all feeling it in some way shape or form. We get to choose how we move through it... with grace and coherence, or with resistance and pain.  Either way, it takes practice to do it well. Find the tools that help you shift, find what works for you, and then do it over and over again. When we practice something, we get better at it, it's that simple."

Veronica Ciandre




S.O.W.E. Grounded

Are you Electro-Hypersensitive (EHS)?

EHS Consulting 

Changing your environment from the inside out

iSOLA  Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery to raise your vibration.  Like iSOLA on facebook

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Detox Boot-Camps for your Mind and more

Cell Out

Information about Cell Phone Technology

My PeaceDeck

40 cards to help you navigate relationships from the inside out.

Oil & Water

Inspired Care 4 Locs